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Generation Expectation – GENeX

October 20, 2011 1 comment

Individuals are living longer, technology is becoming more and more pervasive – moving from corporate lives into the daily lives of consumers and expectations are very high for our millennium and gen Y population.  You’ve seen the YouTube video of baby girl having a hard time transition from iPad to magazine – if not, here is the link.

If corporations do not take action to ensure the what I call GENeX (generation expectation) of our younger generation are aligned to technology solutions and capabilities, they will be negatively impacted on multiple dimensions:

  1. productivity – future employees coming out of universities and joining the work force will have an expectation that the applications, equipment and peripheries will be state of the art to what they used during their studies.
  2. retention – if organizations fail to bridge the gap, they will be challenged with high attrition.
  3. revenue vis-a-vis these individuals are also consumers – we often forget that organizations are sometimes their worst enemy.   If the technology being developed are not meeting expectations of their employees, how does that experience transcend itself into technologies developed/deployed that are external facing.

Organizations cannot wait any longer – the time is now.  My series will continue with thoughts on how organizations can bring innovation and capabilities into the work place to ensure they are not faced with green-screens – YIKES!