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Have you taken the time to reflect and understand what ‘Leadership’ means to you?  If you Google the word Leadership, you get the unarguable traits of all good leaders (honest, high integrity, motivates, has fun, has humility, is decisive, etc.).   However what many people make the mistake of is assuming that if you are a Manager you are naturally a Leader.  That is so far from the truth.  I am a firm believer that Leaders are born Leaders and you cannot train, educate or mentor an individual to be a Leader.  There is a clear distinction that former Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs and current professor at Harvard Business School, Rob Kaplan summarizes succinctly ‘leaders are those who find their passion and do something about it’.

Many individuals make the false assumption that once they reach a level of authority within an organization that they are Leaders.  It is when organizations promote managers to be leaders is when the organization fails, stalls and becomes stagnant.

In my humble opinion, Leaders empower those around them to succeed and most importantly to fail and learn from their failures.  Micro managing your team is not leadership – it is being a task-master which is not inspiring for those around you.  Leaders set the vision, empower the organization to execute the vision and mentor/coach the organization to achieve the vision. It is not about checking the lines of code, number of test cases, calculating whether the figures in a presentation total properly, if you are doing those activities as a Leader – STOP!!!

I mean STOP being in a position of Leadership.  You should be in a manager position where the responsibilities are clear and the tasks are defined.  This will ensure you are successful and the broader organization is able to progress forward.

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